Artist Statement

My work consistently focuses on social, political and/or environmental themes.  Collectively  titled Silent Voices,  the entire series is conceived to be visually seductive as well as conceptually provocative. Usually multi referential in their  sources and allusions, the works are layered physically as well as metaphorically. There is often an intentional disjoint between the reality of the images and the perception which adds to the decidedly surreal and psychological impact of the works.

While the content has remained consistent, the materials and techniques used have varied considerably;  always chosen for their visual relevance to the content. 

The most recent works: Promises, Promises and  Dream Journey include staging: lighting and sound which creates alternative night views.

Parallel Migrations and No Olvidado reference the plight of both Monarch butterflies and the migrant workers who share many of the same pathways and perils as they cross into this country.

No Olvidado (not forgotten) is an ongoing series of primarily transient outdoor installations. The often remote and challanging locations demand photographic documentation before they are destroyed or eliminated by natural forces.

An ongoing interest in entomology and the scientific method informs much of my work.

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